Gideon Mann
gideon s. mann
email : gsm at
office : New Engineering Building, room 329
phone : (lau bat huts) bost bat sei - zazpi huts bost bi

Biographical Sketch : Gideon Mann graduated Brown University receiving a Sc.B. with honors in Computer Science in May 1999. At Brown, he worked in the nascent BLlIP. Now he is a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University. At Hopkins, he has served as a teaching assistant for courses on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. He participated in the CLSP workshop (2000), in the reading comprehension group. Summer 2001, he worked at MITRE in the Information Technology Center (specifically G063). His professional service includes serving as co-chair for the ACL-02 Student Research Workshop, and program committee membership on NASLLI and EMNLP04. During Spring 2003, he taught Conversational Interfaces. He was awarded a Master's in Science Engineering in Fall 2004.

Interests : Mann-Machine Interfaces. Natural Language Processing. Computational Linguistics.

Current Research: Third Generation Information Retrieval, with emphasis on personal name disambiguation, question answering, and information extraction. I have previously worked in minimally supervised machine translation. Selected References:

  • Gideon S. Mann, David Yarowsky, "Multi-Field Information Extraction and Cross-Document Fusion", ACL, 2005 [pdf]

  • Gideon S. Mann, David Yarowsky, "Unsupervised Personal Name Disambiguation", CoNLL, Edmonton, Canada, 2003 [pdf]

  • Gideon S. Mann, "Learning How to Answer Questions using Trivia Games", COLING 2002, Taipei, Taiwan [pdf,ps]

  • Marc Light, Gideon S. Mann, Ellen Riloff, Eric Breck, "Analyses for Elucidating Current Question Answering Technology", JNLE, 2001, 7:4, pp 325-342 [pdf,ps]

  • Gideon S. Mann and David Yarowsky "Multipath Translation Lexicon Induction via Bridge Languages", NAACL 2001 [ps, pdf]

Complete References

Personal : Here's a recent pic of me and my girlfriend Trish -- she's the one being ridiculous. My favorite book is "I and Thou" by Martin Buber. None of them knew they were robots. Look at a giant geodesic spy ball. Leisuretown has closed its doors and gone out of business. Check out my webcam! Riddle: what do these words have in common: plunder, lout, sun, stout? Get the answer. Fred Milton, the beat dog, is wordless. Look at the biggest, smelliest flower in the world. My sister makes art. I'm getting into the spirit of the season. And stop scaring the dog already!.

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