600.488 Geometric Algorithms, Spring 1999
Michael T. Goodrich
New Engineering Bldg. 218B
phone: 516-7708
e-mail: goodrich@jhu.edu
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The formal requirements are 600.226 Data Structures. The student should also have a minimal amount of ``mathematical maturity'', and it is recommended that the student have had 600.363 Introduction to Algorithms or 600.463 Algorithms I (but this is not required).

Course Summary

The goal of the course is teach the fundamental paradigms for designing efficient algorithms dealing with collections of geometric objects (such as points, lines, line segments, planes, etc.). The course topics include the following:


The course grade is determined by the total number of points earned by the student during the semester. There are 1000 points possible, distributed as follows:

400 pts. Homework assignments
200 pts. Paper review or Programming Project
150 pts. Midterm exam
250 pts. Final

Late policy: 10% off for each day late. No credit if more than 2 days late.


See the course web site (http://www.cgc.cs.jhu.edu/~goodrich/teach/geom/ ) for an on-line text, which will be ``under construction'' throught the semester.