~ 600.647 - Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks

600.647 - Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks

Course Description

This class will survey current research in wireless communication networks. These types of networks have been growing exponentially in the past several years and include a host of different network types: ad hoc, cell phone, access point, sensor, etc. The class will build understanding of all layers of wireless networking and the interactions between them (including: physical, data link, medium access control, routing, transport, and application). The topics of security, energy efficiency, mobility, scalability, and their unique characteristics in wireless networks will be discussed. The class will be composed of two parts. In the first part, several different lecturers (including guests from outside of JHU) will provide an introduction to the field. The second part will be structured as a research seminar with student presentations and class discussions. Coursework for the class will be one of two options: two individual presentations of a current research paper in the field, or a team programming project.

Prerequisites: 600.344/444 & 600.363/463.
[Awerbuch, Systems or Analysis],
3 credits

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1 - Overview
Lecture 3 - Wireless Fundamentals
Lecture 4 - Wireless Medium
Lecture 5 - Medium Access Issues
Lecture 6 - Multi-rate Medium Access Control
Lecture 7 - Infrastructure and Ad hoc Networks
Ad Hoc Routing
Link State Routing
Routing Protocol Evaluation
Energy Models

Presentation Instructions

The presentations should run for about 40 minutes to allow 10 minutes of questions. They should be done in PowerPoint or other form of electronic presentation format. Students may either bring their own laptop, or should email in their presentation the day before. Each day will have a specific presentation scheduled as well as a backup. Usually this means that each student must be prepared to give their presentation one class BEFORE their scheduled slot.

The rest of the students in the class will be responsible for reading both the scheduled and backup papers for each day of class. Questions and comments about the papers should also be prepared. An attendance sheet may be passed around on the presentation days.

Anyone who has NOT signed up for a paper (or doesn't see their name and paper on the list), must do so before class resumes on Wednesday the 24th for the first presentation (there is no class 02/22 and 02/23).

Presentation Schedule

Suggested Presentation Papers

The suggested papers have been divided up by general topic area. Other papers are welcome, but should be run by TAs first. The TAs can also help guide you in paper selection if you are having difficulty.

Topic Areas

Working Groups