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Some lecture notes are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Follow the links to download. Reading the lecture notes is not a substitute for the assigned readings in the book. There are 2 copies of the textbook, Goodrich and Tamassia's Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, third edition, on reserve in the library, as well as a copy of Arnold and Gosling's The Java Programming Language.
The schedule, especially lecture topics and readings, are subject to change according to the rate of our actual discussions. Please check this page for changes.

Wednesday, September 8
Course Introduction
Java Essentials

 Acquire texbook and any supporting Java books
Type, compile, and run "Hello, world"
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Monday, September  13
Java Essentials
GT Chapter 1
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Program 1 assigned
Wednesday, September 15
Object-oriented Design
GT Chapter 2

Monday, September 20
Object-oriented Design

Program 1 due
Program 2 assigned
Wednesday, September 22
Analysis Tools
GT Chapter 3

Monday, September 27
Stacks, Queues, and Deques GT Chapter 4 Program 2 due
Program 3 assigned
Wednesday, September 29
Stacks, Queues, and Deques
Vectors, Lists, and Sequences

Monday, October 4
Vectors, Lists, and Sequences
GT Chapter 5 Program 3 due
Wednesday, October 6
Vectors, Lists, and Sequences

Friday, October 8
non-class day

Homework 1 assigned
Monday, October 11
No Class - Fall Break

Wednesday, October 13
Trees GT Chapter 6
Monday, October 18

Homework 1 due
Wednesday, October 20
Graph Traversals

Program 4 assigned
Monday, October 25
Mid-Term Exam

Wednesday, October 27
Graph Traversals
Priority Queues
GT Chapter 7

Monday, November 1
Priority Queues

Program 4 due
Wednesday, November 3
GT Chapter 8

Monday, November 8

Homework 2 assigned
Wednesday, November 10
Search Trees
GT Chapter 9

Monday, November 15
Search Trees

Homework 2 due
Program 5 assigned
Wednesday, November 17
GT Chapter 12

Monday, November 22

Program 5 due
Program 6 assigned
Wednesday, November 24
No Class - Thanksgiving

Monday, November 29
Sorting, Sets, and Selection
GT Chapter 10

Wednesday, December 1
Sorting, Sets, and Selection

Monday, December 6
Class Cancelled

Tuesday, December 7
non-class day

Program 6 due
Thursday, December 16
  9 am -12 pm

Shaffer 301
Final Exam

December 1, 2004