Comp 600.226: Data Structures

Help Page

Students and TAs - if you think of something that should be on this page but isn't, let me know.

Java Links : Entry point to Sun's main Java site
Java 2 Standard Edition: Free command-line java compiler, debugger, and run-time environment from Sun. Download the SDK and possibly the documentation
Java 2 Documentation : On-line documentation for the above
Java Tutorial : Some tutorial information from Sun
Step-by-step Programming : More articles and tutorials
Java Language Specification : Concise (terse) specification of all the details
JSwat : Free graphical debugging environment for Java
Java Development Environment for Emacs :  If you like the emacs (or xemacs) editor, you'll probably like JDEE. And it's free.
Sun One Studio : Free Expensive graphical development environment from Sun (it used to be free...)

If you want to do your programming in our undergraduate computer lab, you need to fill out an account application form (the completed form goes to Jeremy Tyransky in NEB 227B). You can choose  either a Windows NT account or an undergraduate unix account. If you want to work on your own machine (e.g. Windows or Linux), you can download all the necessary Java tools from the links above (it's a big download, so plan ahead).


ZipCentral : Freeware Windows program for creating and managing .zip files
WinZip : Creates .zip files and reads several other archive formats. Has free trial download, but is technically $29 shareware

On unix-type machines, the "zip" command-line program creates a .zip file compatible with those created by the above Windows programs.

September 8, 2003