Delhi and Vicinity (1962)

This is a very old map. It has Lutyens' Delhi and old Delhi. The archlike plan of the Imperial Zone is evident from this map. It has unpardonable omissions like the Old Fort. Lutyens had planned the whole of Imperial zone to open out towards the Purana Qila (Old Fort). This idea of Lutyens' was foiled by Lady Irwin's plan for a stadium which is referred to here as the Irwin Amphitheatre (now the National Stadium). The IIT and R K Puram were to come up in the white spaces to the South within a decade of publication of this map. My current home is somewhere off right. For full satisfaction you must check out the larger version of this map by clicking on it. (Don't forget to notice the charming little misprints eg. Oshanara Rd instead of Roshanara Rd and Pahargan instead of Paharganj.)

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