CS 601.641/441: Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies (Spring 2018)

Overview: This course will cover blockchains and their applications to cryptocurrencies and beyond. Topics include distributed consensus and blockchains, Bitcoin and altcoins, smart contracts and recent applications. Relevant crypto background will be covered.
  • Instructor: Abhishek Jain
  • Time: 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm, Monday and Wednesday
  • Location: Shaffer 100
  • Office Hours: Tue 2-3pm (Malone 315)
  • Grading: Assignments and Quiz (50%), Project (50%)
  • TA: Arka Rai Choudhuri and Aarushi Goel
  • Email: achoud AT cs.jhu.edu and agoel10 AT jhu.edu
  • TA Office Hours: Arka (Wed 4:30-6pm), Aarushi (Thu 4-5:30pm)
  • Discussion Board: Piazza
Book: We will closely follow Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Narayanan, Bonneau, Felten, Miller, Goldfeder (NBFMG) for several lectures. Additional reading material will include recent research papers (links will be provided).

Class Schedule:

Date Topic Reading
Jan 29 Introduction
NBFMG Chapter 0
Jan 31 Crypto Background - I
NBFMG Chapter 1
Mihir's Notes
Mike's Notes
Feb 5 Crypto Background - II
(Slides-I, Slides-II)
NBFMG Chapter 1
Full Proof of Schnorr Signatures
Simplified Presentation
Feb 7 Intro to Cryptocurrencies
NBFMG Chapter 2
Feb 14 Bitcoin Consensus
NBFMG Chapter 2
Feb 19 Bitcoin Consensus: Analysis
Pass, Seeman, shelat


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