Nassir Navab

Research Interests

  • Computer-aided medical procedures
  • Augmented reality

Navab’s work, which focuses on computer-aided medical procedures and augmented reality, bridges the cap between medicine and computer science. He develops technologies aimed at improving the quality of medical interventions. Navab earned his Ph.D. at INRIA/Paris XI, followed by two years of postdoctoral research at MIT Media Laboratory. He became a full professor at the Technische Universitat Munchen in 2003 and chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality (CAMP). He is a member of the technical staff at Siemens Corporate Research (SCR) and a board member of MICCAI, the organizer of the world’s leading conference on medical image computing and computer assisted intervention. Navab also is on the editorial board of many international journals, including IEEE TMI, MedIA and Medical Physics. He has authored hundreds of scientific publications and has filed more than 60 international patents.

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